Sustainable Performance Activewear

What Drives Us

Every year, each American is responsible for sending the equivalent of 230 plastic bottles to landfill - to sit forever and do nothing but take up space and destroy sensitive ecosystems. And because of population growth and increased consumption, it’s a problem that’s getting worse every day. 

The solution begins with Kenai’s closed-loop production process - utilizing post-consumer plastic and organic waste directly from landfills to make new, useful products for people everywhere. Sourced and manufactured in the US and Canada, we’re leading a resurgence of the domestic manufacturer - benefitting our economy and its people everyday. Together, we can reduce landfill material across the country like nothing else can - ending the destruction of natural wildlife habitats while creating a greener, cleaner planet for future generations. 

Who We Are

Kenai is a unique and innovative sportswear brand that makes clothing out of trash - yes, trash - pulled from landfills across the country. Every day, we take tons of plastic bottles, cell phone cases, keyboards, and organic waste like coconut shells, corn husks, soybean shells, and more, and turn it into the world's best sportswear, here in North America - building jobs, supporting a weak economy, and strengthening our future. 

At Kenai, we strive to continually improve our own sustainable operations with innovative initiatives such as our closed loop apparel recycling program. To learn more, or find out how your organization can get custom, sustainable performance sportswear from Kenai, please fill out our contact form or call 1-617-651-0697. 

Our Customers

Our customers are college and university athletic programs, corporations, non-profits, and government offices, where we custom design performance sportswear for their teams, clubs, and employees. With product capabilities that range from simple t- shirts to sustainable jerseys, jackets, shorts, vests, and polos, Kenai is a one stop solution for quality, proven performance sportswear. 

If your organization is interested in working with Kenai, please fill out our contact form or call 1-617-651-0697.